Our full-circle grocery system

Sustain Grocery delivers package-free groceries. 


The grocery industry has made it almost impossible to avoid single-use plastic. We’re here to make it easier and more affordable to shop sustainably.


How it works


    1. Order online, pay a deposit for the container 
    2. Order delivered
    3. We collect your dirty containers on your next delivery + credit your account for the full amount of the container.

    Once we've got your containers back, we'll wash, sanitise and reuse the containers.  We do all the hard work for you!


    It's our full-circle grocery system. 


    We ask that you not wash the containers as we will be washing them anyway - that way we're saving you time as well as our precious water. 


    We stock a range of products - as our community grows we'll be stocking more products. Currently, we stock everything from basic pantry items like flour + spices to superfoods, chocolates + lollies to all things cleaning. We're also working on offering seasonal fruit and veg.


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    Our Mission


    Sustain Grocery is all about reducing our environmental impact

    Our package-free delivery service is contributing to a better and more sustainable world in 2 ways:

    1. We save packaging waste; each time you purchase a product you're saving a single-use packet from landfill, reducing our environmental footprint.  

    2. We keep it simple, affordable, and most of all easy!

    We aim to provide the highest quality, clean and local produce however, it's expected that due to the availability and seasonal nature of some of our stock, products may change from time to time.