cleaner, all purpose

cleaner, all purpose

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This all purpose cleaner is in concentrate form and will last you a long time. Its of commercial grade and can be diluted to suit the purpose.

500mls makes up to 20ltrs.

You can use in on pretty much anything.

  • Benches
  • Walls and floors
  • carpet and upholstery (always spot test first)
  • BBQ
  • Toys
  • Toilets
  • Glass and mirrors (Don't let it dry)

Its NOT recommended for aluminum and brass.

Keep out of reach of children and avoid getting it your eyes!

Origin Imported


Sodium carbonate (baking soda), sodium phosphate (salt), sodium silicate (water glass), color

Add 1/2 a cup per 5tlr bucket of water

25mls per 500ml pf water (spray bottle)

Undiluted for tough or stubborn grime

*To make our circular system possible, all our jars and bottles have a $4 returnable fee. We will collect your empty jars and bottles on your next order and credit the $4 to your Sustain Grocery account.